Ingersoll Rand Introduces LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider® Winch for Safe Personnel Lifting in Onshore Environments

Davidson, N.C., – Today, Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), introduced the new LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider® Winch, a cost-effective solution for safely lifting people working on onshore oil rigs. More than 450,000 workers are employed in the oil and gas industries[1] and many of these workers require the use of specialized lifting equipment to drill and service wells and maintain equipment.

“While oil and gas operators continue to face cost pressures, it’s important that they have the affordable equipment needed to keep their workers safe,” said Mike Smith, global portfolio leader of Material Handling for Ingersoll Rand. “We designed the LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider Winch for the specific needs of onshore rigs, making high-value safety features available at an approachable price point.”

Ingersoll Rand’s LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider Winch includes many built-in safety features such as:  

-        Overload Protection Device - The overload protection device prevents the winch from operating if it detects a load that exceeds 125 percent of the 150 kg. (330 lbs.) safety rating for the winch.

-        Emergency Stop Button - In case of an emergency, the operator can stop operation of the winch with the push of one button.

-        Slack Line Prevention System - If the winch line gets caught or snagged, the slack line prevention system on the LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider Winch automatically stops the winch from paying out to help prevent the rider from falling.

-        Redundant Braking - Automatic multi-disc and automatic drum brakes provide the safety of two independent braking systems. 

-        Press Roller - The Press Roller presses the wire rope onto the drum to help prevent bird-nesting, especially in “no-load” conditions.

Detailed design features that take human factors into consideration have been mindfully included in the LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider Winch to help operators protect themselves and the individual on the end of the line from accidental lifting or lowering. The upper and lower limit switches protect the rider from being raised or lowered past set limits. The dual-purpose operator orientation cover protects the winch’s controls while also orientating the operator in the correct position for lifting or lowering.

Durable materials encase the essential internal and external components of the LS2-150 winch. Its Marine-grade paint stands up to harsh conditions such as heat, dust, cold, and rain. The LS2-150 also offers built-in lifting lugs, making it easy for the operator to move the winch and wire rope when necessary.

Since 1926, Ingersoll Rand has built a full range of extremely reliable hoists and winches. Constructed to meet the utmost safety and regulatory standards, Ingersoll Rand winches and hoists move equipment and personnel safely, reliably and efficiently. Ingersoll Rand sells and supports material handling equipment in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, India Africa and Asia Pacific. 


[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011