Compressed Air System Solutions to Improve Efficiency & Safety in Your Shop

When it comes to designing compressed air systems for vehicle service shops, there are several system requirements specific to your shop to evaluate. Additionally, there are a couple of other key factors to consider, which include total cost of ownership (TCO), serviceability of equipment and the availability of parts. Ingersoll Rand® offers a variety of compressed air system options and design qualities that make a shop efficient, safe and keep it up-and-running.
Compressor Options 
When automotive technicians are under the hood and in the shop, it’s important they have a reliable compressed air supply for efficiency and versatility to get the job done right, the first time. Ingersoll Rand provides reciprocating and rotary screw compressors in a variety of capacities and sizes that serve vehicle services professionals efficiently and reliably.
To determine your air needs, look at all aspects of your shop – the types of equipment and tools your team uses, the number of technicians working and kind of applications you do. Evaluating these features will help you select the right product which will reduce wasted energy and ensure you don’t lack flow or pressure,  
Air Quality and Condensate Removal 
In addition to selecting the right sized compressor, it is critical to have clean, dry air running through your system. A compressor system with contaminants experiences reduced performance, which raises your energy costs. With Ingersoll Rand dryers and coalescing air filters in your compressor system, you can save energy and protect your equipment and tools from harmful contaminants by effectively removing solid particles, water, oil and aerosols. And by using SimplAir® Piping from Ingersoll Rand, you can ensure that high quality air reaches your point-of-use with limited pressure drops in an easy to use and corrosion free air distribution piping system.
Services and Maintenance 
Costs of downtime usually far outweigh the cost of proactive maintenance services. When you purchase new equipment, consider a manufacturer that has the expertise to keep you up-and-running. Ingersoll Rand offers three flexible service programs; PackageCARE®, PlannedCARE® and PartsCARE®, so you can select the level of support that works best for you.
Looking at an entire compressed air system, from point of generation, through transmission, to point-of-use is important for your shop’s bottom line and quality of output. To learn more about Ingersoll Rand solutions for your shop visit