Oil-Free Air Compressor Parts and Accessories


You have a lot riding on your oil-free compressor system. You expect consistent reliable, clean dry air at the lowest possible operating cost.  Choose our genuine parts and  accessories to ensure that your compressor is running efficiently and productively.

As your trusted partner, Ingersoll Rand is a single, knowledgeable source for all the aftermarket accessories that you would need.  This includes no-loss drain valves, coolants,  controls, filters, receiver tanks, piping and variable speed drives.

How does each Oil-Free parts & accessories improve my overall system?

  • SimplAir Piping: Uses marine-grade aluminum pipes to efficiently distribute leak-free supplies of high-flow compressed air and other inert gasses — and support vacuum systems as well
  • Pre-filter: Eliminates potential contaminants such as particulate and odors
  • Desiccant Dryer: Helps prevent corrosion and minimizes production disruptions or losses due to moisture or contamination
  • Pneumatic or Electronic Drain Valve: A single solution that easily removes condensate with high levels of rust and oil, while eliminating air loss, even at elevated pressure
  • Receiver Tanks: Allows you to lower the pressure on your compressor because of stored energy
  • Pressure Controller (IntelliFlow): Allows for more effective use of air storage and a continuous dynamic response to demand fluctuations to actively stabilize system pressure thereby eliminating the requirement to turn on extra compressors or to elevate pressures
  • Coolants: Extend the life of your machine up to 16,000 hours of life between change-outs
  • System Controller: Provides data acquisition and display for health monitoring and energy management for control and air system optimization
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