Air Leak Assessment

Is your money vanishing into thin air?

IAs an industry leader in compressed air technology and compressed air system auditing, Ingersoll Rand offers an air leak assessment program that will improve the operation of your facility and save you money.

  • We identify and tag leaks
  • We assess leak values
  • We prioritize leaks
  • We document leaks

How much are leaks costing you?

Did you know that a 1 cfm leak for a 24/7 operation can cost $100 per year?* This is literally a pinhole leak. How many pinholes do you have?Making decisions about leak repair requires quality information. To help improve the accuracy of our potential savings estimations, we look at the operating strategy of your compressors. A best-in-class system will reduce power in direct proportion to a reduction in demand. Typical systems reduce power by only 3 to 7 percent for every 10 percent reduction in demand. We take this into consideration so your estimated savings are real, not theoretical.* These figures are based on a power cost of $0.065/kWh at 8,760 hours per year.

Do you need a leak assessment?

Your organization is more likely to have ≥ 20% leaks if it uses:

  • Large number poly-tube connections
  • 20 or more filters/lubricators every 100 hp of air
  • Threaded pipe for drop lines (20 or more for every 100 hp of air)
  • Robotic assembly cells with pneumatic connections
  • Threaded overhead piping
  • Pneumatic connections on moving applications, such as cylinders, indexing equipment, hand tools, etc.
  • Leak volume based on DOE estimates of 10% – 20% of total compressor capacity (low or moderate leak level) Cost of leaks estimated based on $0.065/kWh and $0.13/kWh x 8,760 h/yr at 4.3 cfm/bhp