Craft Brewing: Cheaper Doesn't Mean Better

We have all been there...You are at a store & see a cheaper version of a part that you are looking for, but is it really worth it? Yes, you save a few bucks, but it could cost you more than expected. Here is why you should always choose the original equipment manufacturer (OEM):

1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Purchasing a genuine OEM part may cost you more at the moment, but in the future, it could save you thousands of dollars. You don't want to spend more money than expected to replace your compressor or do a complete maintenance overhaul because a part went wrong.

2. Backed up with Rigorous Testing

OEMs build their parts and equipment, so they know the exact specifications of each product.

3. Meet Engineer Standards

OEMs are always making sure that they are developing and improving their products. These parts are backed up with hours of extensive research and testing.

4. Qualify for Coverage Programs

If you outfit your equipment with OEM parts, those equipment companies could offer additional coverage. This coverage includes warranties or maintenance services that can help keep your operations running longer to decrease downtime.

5. Safety

Genuine OEM parts are designed so they function safely. ISO qualifications ensure processes and products are high-quality.

Think about it this way...You have invested thousands of dollars on an air compressor, so why pick the "cheaper" part when it comes to running your compressor? If you treat your compressor with the needed care, you will have it for many years to come!