Revolutionary Dual Purpose Winch Moves Material and Personnel Safely with One System

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in material handling solutions, introduced breakthrough technology with the Ingersoll Rand Hydraulic Force Series™ dual-purpose winch that uses different operating modes to safely lift equipment and people, saving rig operators space on the floor.

“The dual-purpose winch is the capstone of our Hydraulic Force Series, the winch portfolio Ingersoll Rand developed specifically for land rigs,” said Maria Blase, president for Ingersoll Rand Material Handling. “As the only original equipment manufacturer to offer a dual-purpose winch as a complete, fully tested system, Ingersoll Rand is addressing a land rig operator’s need to move material and personnel safely.”

Land rig manufacturers and operators understand the safety benefit of having a man rider winch in addition to a utility winch, but limited space on land rigs has made operating two winches an unrealistic option. As part of Ingersoll Rand’s onshore market expansion, the dual-purpose winch provides onshore rig operators with the valuable option of purchasing and maintaining one winch instead of two.    

“This is the most innovative winch design on the market,” said Jennifer Eckert, global product manager for Ingersoll Rand’s Material Handling Business. “The underpinning technology solves our customer’s fundamental safety, space and productivity problems that come with operating and maintaining two different winch products. With Ingersoll Rand’s dual-purpose winch, one motor lifts heavy equipment and the other lifts personnel. We’ve removed the hassle.”

Advanced features on the dual-purpose winch keep workers at the end of the line safe at all times. Its primary hydraulic gear motor is rated to lift up to 12,000 pounds while in utility mode and 350 pounds in man riding mode. The winch’s two separate motors combined with a proprietary locking mechanism drive the winch, enabling it to shift between equipment and personnel lifting. Other features include:

  • Emergency Shut Off and Lowering Capabilities – In case of an emergency, a two-way valve with lever enables a quick shutdown of the system. In addition, if the rig were to lose power, the winch can be connected to an auxiliary hydraulic system to support the safe lowering of the worker or load on the end of the wire.

  • Separate Control Levers and Mode Selector – There are two separate control levers to activate each mode – man riding and utility lifting – allowing the winch operator to differentiate between lifting equipment versus a person. In addition, a mode selector can lock the winch in one operating mode to prevent accidental misuse. The mode selector has a robust cover, which prevents accidental switching of modes and can be locked shut to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with the controls.

  • Overload Prevention – A relief valve on the man rider motor is tested and set at the factory, preventing the winch from lifting a load that exceeds 125 percent of the rated capacity of the man rider mode.

  • Redundant Braking Systems – Multi-static disk brakes applied to each motor combined with counterbalance valves provide redundant braking systems in each operating mode.

Ingersoll Rand has a network of distributors in North America who are available to maintain and service Hydraulic Force Series winches. Visit Ingersoll Rand’s Authorized Service Network for the full list of authorized service distributors.

For more information on the Ingersoll Rand dual-purpose winch, visit www.ingersollrandproducts.com/hydraulicforce or contact an authorized Ingersoll Rand service representative.