Ingersoll Rand Self Feed Drills

Our Bant-A-Matic, Par-A-Matic, & Super Par-A-Matic Series self feed drills provide the selection, performance, and degree of precision to automate a wide range of secondary machining applications imply and economically.


Drive manufacturing productivity with automated precision, consistency and versatility:

  • Utilizes compressed air for both the spindle rotation and feed/controls function. 
  • Reliable rotary vane air motor offers high power-to-size performance which minimizes tool size and weight for added machine design flexibility. 
  • Tools are easily installed requiring only simple pneumatic circuitry. 
  • May be used individually or in conjunction with other Ingersoll Rand electric and pneumatic tools. 
  • Speed range from 350 to 19,000 RPM
  • Twin head spindles available 


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  • Aerospaces: Rivet holes, e.g., wing frame mounting holes
  • Appliances: Panel / frame holes, e.g., shipping bases 
  • Furniture: Dowel holes for chair seats, frames or backs 
  • Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal, e.g., cast components 
  • Recreational Vehicles: ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers 
  • Vehicle Components: Engine mounts or hinges 
  • Vehicle Frame: Holes for body components, e.g., firewall 
  • Windows/Doors/Cabinets: Hinge, pilot or dowel holes 


Several accessories can be added to the drills, including:

• Multi-spindles • Flange brackets • Foot brackets • Split-block clamps • Nose housings • Drill brushing adapters • Hydraulic checks • Valves and controls • Service kits

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