Air Compressor Oil / Lubricant For Silo Compressors Used In Road Tankers

GHH RAND® has developed a customised, high performance oil free screw compressor lubricant to meet the arduous demands of diverse applications encountered globally in the bulk transport market. Highly engineered to offer the best performance, our air compressor oils have been designed with the specific challenges of our customers in mind. Whether your package is operating in high or low temperature environments, our lubricants provide the best protection for your airend. Our range of lubricants is specifically designed to support and enhance our oil free screw compressor package solutions.


Recommended by Experts

Wide Operating Range

Protection from Corrosion

Customised specifically for the transport industry, all of our lubricants will ensure protection of your assets while providing lower full life cycle costs. They will reduce risk and maximise uptime for your customers and their investment.

Furthermore, the well-engineered characteristics of our SILOL® and SILOL® FG lubricants allow us to offer you an extension of one year warranty for your compressors. This is based on the understanding of a continuous use of SILOL® and SILOL® FG throughout this period and oil interval. Conditions and exchange in accordance with our instructions.

For standard oils that may be used, we recommend oil changes every 6 months. However, when using SILOL® products, oil exchange only needs to take place once a year. This means that routine maintenance requirements are extremely low when compared with competing lubricants, saving you money in the long run.

SILOL® FG is a further extension of our lubricants. Developed for use when discharging food or other bulk items which must not be contaminated from regular oil, it is compliant with the associated standards within the food industry.

Other lubricant related solutions we offer include our Flushing oil and Compressor Preservation kit. We recommend SILOL® Flushing for when your machine will be changing from a standard application using regular SILOL® to a food grade application. Our flushing kit flushes through the old lubricant and ensures your compressor is ready for the new food grade oil. Our preservation kit is recommended to help preserve your machine when it will be parked and unused, preventing the chance of the compressor locking and ensuring a smooth trouble free restart when operation recommences.

GHH RAND always strongly recommends use of our lubricants to ensure the efficiency, performance, and longevity of your screw air compressor solution. Other lubricants can not guarantee this, often resulting in unnecessary issues.