Name: Jonathan Marsh

Job Title: Product Director

Physical Location: Redditch, UK

Years with the Company: 33



Jonathan's journey with Gardner Denver Transport began straight from university, and over the years, he's traversed a path of continuous growth. Armed with a part-time MBA, he seamlessly transitioned from roles within the commercial team to holding multiple positions in the Transport manufacturing and engineering facility. After leading the regional compressor Product Management team, he took a global lead on Oil Lubricated technology in Industrial compressors. After nine years, he returned to the Transport business, currently leading the Transport Product Management and Engineering teams, including the E-Mobility business in Redditch.

Jonathan's expertise lies in product innovation and commercialization, focusing on driving new product development aligned with customer needs and continuous improvement. With an eye on the future needs of the industries they serve, he has played a pivotal role in evolving solutions to meet the changing demands of electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

What motivates Jonathan is a relentless pursuit of improvement, success, and being an integral part of a winning team. He believes that sustainable success is achieved when all stakeholders succeed together, a philosophy that echoes in his leadership approach.

Outside of work, Jonathan finds joy in playing golf and following various sports. However, his primary dedication goes to his family and the renovation of an 18th-century listed building and garden. While the exterior reflects the charm of history, the ongoing renovation projects keep him connected to the outdoors.

Over the 33 years at Ingersoll Rand, Jonathan has been involved in numerous successful projects and product launches. A standout success is the journey within the E-Mobility business based in Redditch. In an industry rapidly transforming with challenges and opportunities, Jonathan's agile and customer-focused product development approach has played a pivotal role in making customers successful.

In conclusion, Jonathan Marsh's journey is a testament to dedication, innovation, and a commitment to driving sustainable success. Let's celebrate his invaluable contributions to Ingersoll Rand and the evolving world of E-Mobility!