Automotive Manufacturing


In today’s complicated automotive manufacturing environment, you need a fastening system that is efficient and adjustable to meet your assembly requirements.  

Ingersoll Rand® offers easy to use tightening control with a common platform that will get the job done right with our cordless QX Series™, INSIGHTqcx™ controller, & our DC Fastening systems. 


In today’s complicated automotive manufacturing environment, Ingersoll Rand offers the lifting & fastening solutions you need for electric vehicle & traditional automotive assembly. You need solutions that are efficient and adjustable to meet your assembly requirements.

Ingersoll Rand ® delivers solutions for critical assembly fastening requirements:

• our DC Fastening Systems INSIGHTqc™

• cordless QX Connect Series™

• Fastening tools with INSIGHTqcx™ Cordless Controller

With our easy to use tightening control with an easy plug and play solution, you’ll be able to get the job done right the first time. By offering flexibility for programming via mobile or web browser, you’re able to make adjustments quickly and easily to keep your production line running smoothly.

Ingersoll Rand has the right lifting solution for you - extend your possibilities to increase your productivity.

• Offering enclosed rail profiles in lightweight aluminum, the efficient design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal running surfaces, thus reducing your rolling effort.

• Your mobility and flexibility in the production cell is important, Ingersoll Rand’s air balancers offer:

o improved ergonomics

o operator comfort

o maneuverability to allow for precise positioning of multiple loads while maintaining a controlled speed

• Our intuitive operation offers the ability to balance any load without adjustment

o Extend your possibilities with a simple plug & play solution.

o Balancers allow users to not only lift the load but also “float” the load, for precise manual movement and placement.


Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqc™ Controller offers:  

• Web interface with full visibility to operations around the clock 

• Easy set up & no additional software licenses required 

• Touch screen monitor 



The Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqcx™ is a cordless controller designed to be easy to use and integrate, while providing a platform to meet your assembly requirements.  

Features include: 

Full programming with any device with an internet browser

• Reduces line rebalancing costs through the simple user interface

Optional Multi Tool Controller option with MTC 



Multi-Tool Controller MTC

With the Multi-Tool Controller (MTC) – Precision Fastening, software option, users have the ability to control up to six tools with just one INSIGHTqcx™ controller.

Features include: 

Multi-tool dashboard view to provide quick overview of all tools

Industry leading data storage holding 500,000 records for tightening results and traces

Configure up to 1,536 jobs (for MTC-SW-OPT6 option)

MTC options are unlocked via upgradeable software

Backward compatibility with INSIGHTqcx™ & QX tools

Easy Wireless Pairing (continuous pairing mode for up to 6 tools)

Web-Based Programming