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We are proud to represent Ingersoll Rand and serve Belgium, Netherlands, & Luxembourg with our superior compressed air equipment, parts & accessories, maintenance and service. We have 14 locations to serve Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg.

It’s been more than 135 years since Ingersoll Rand introduced its first pneumatic device. Many years and products later, we continue to take great pride in helping our customers around the world be more productive and better serve their customers.

Ingersoll Rand has the global presence, the technologies and the commitment to support you as proudly as we stand behind our broad range of product offerings.

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Optimized for Class 3 Air Quality

Achieve maximum energy savings, while ensuring a continuous supply of dry high-quality compressed air.


Designed to continuously monitor up to four rotary screw or reciprocating compressors, IntelliSurvey's proprietary algorithms take up to a week's worth of data to establish a baseline of current compressor performance.

Compressed Air Rental Service

Ingersoll Rand Rental Services keeps your plant running even during unplanned outages.

Total Protection, Eliminate the Risk

Get the Highest Equipment Reliability and Return on Your Maintenance Budget.

Value of Geniune OEM Parts

We manufacture & heavily test our air compressor parts for our entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality.

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