Air Leaks

Don’t let your profits disappear
into thin air!

Small Leaks Cost You Big

Did you know that air leaks in your compressed air system can account for 20% to 30% of the total system demand? Air leaks can be found in the connections of your compressor’s tubing, piping, filters, regulators, lubricators, pneumatic connections on moving applications, threaded overhead piping and pipe drop lines, as well as in robotic assembly cells.

These leaks can happen in every facet of your manufacturing process leading to an excessive amount of waste that will add up quickly—a 5-year old compressor system typically suffers up to 25% air loss. Detection can also be difficult—approximately 80% of leaks are silent.

The Importance of Air Assessment

From generation and transmission, to delivery and point-of-use, a drop in system performance caused by air leaks means reduced efficiency and can impact productivity. Ingersoll Rand offers a complete set of air system assessment tools that use data-driven methods that identify system pitfalls. This helps map the way to optimized system efficiency and ensures your facility has a reliable supply of high-quality compressed air, from start to finish.

Typical Compressed Air System

Air leaks can occur at any point in your system but even more so in the last 20' of pipe.

Eliminating the Guesswork

As an industry leader in compressed air technology and compressed air system auditing, Ingersoll Rand knows how important it is to keep your processes running reliably and efficiently. We also know that air leakage in your system equals loss in revenue. That is why we offer an air leak assessment program, developed by our dedicated compressed air audit team.

Saving You Time and Money

Our leak assessment program features cutting-edge equipment and certified technicians who work quickly and efficiently even when your facility is up and running at full production. We help determine which leaks are causing the most loss and are the most cost-effective to repair. We follow up after the repairs to ensure that your equipment is in in good working condition. And we keep a record of previously identified air leaks, so we know exactly what to look for during each visit.

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Contact us today for a complimentary visual inspection. Our team of highly-skilled service professionals will work with you to find the best way to identify and tag leaks.

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