Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

During the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) process, natural gas is liquefied to approximately 1/600th of its gaseous volume, allowing for natural gas to be transported more efficiently and economically. This has revolutionized the natural gas industry, making previously unmarketable natural gas reservoirs profitable. Ingersoll Rand has a variety of products to meet the needs of the LNG industry. Our custom compressors are designed to meet the varying processes and parameters involved in natural gas liquefaction. And our durable and safe hoists and winches meet the specifications needed for both onshore and offshore applications.

Robust Design

Ingersoll Rand has a rich legacy, over 60 years, of providing proven integrally geared centrifugal (IGC) compressor products, technology, and solutions that allow our machines to operate without unscheduled downtime. Our time-proven engineering philosophies, such as conservative gearing and bearing designs, enhance the durability of IGC compressors, which have been proven to have a long mean time between failures (MTBF). Independent research has shown an industry-leading availability of 99.7%. The resulting increased availability directly translates into production capacity and helps our customers maximize their bottom line returns.

Premium Performance

The flexibility of the MSG platform allows Ingersoll Rand to custom design compressors to meet your specific requirements, and, unlike single-shaft compressor technology, the IGC design allows for each stage of compression to rotate at the optimum design speed for maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Additionally, IGC technology easily accommodates intercooling between compression stages to remove the heat of compression and achieve high isothermal efficiency.

Total Aftermarket Services & Support

Our global experience, footprint, and expertise combine to provide 24/7 technical support and coverage. Our commitment to you does not end with the delivery of the machine. Our aftermarket services team stands at the ready to support you throughout the installation, startup, and many years of successful operation of the compressor.

MSG Compressor Application in LNG Processes

Feed Gas Compressor
Compresses natural gas received at theplant to the required pressure for thecondensate removal process

Flash Gas Compressor
Pressurizes the vapor produced during the condensate removal process

Off Gas Compressor
Compresses the natural gas to the required flow and pressure parameters needed for acid gas removal, mercury removal and dehydration

Regeneration Gas Compressor
Restores the molecular sieve beds

Refrigeration Gas Compressor
Feeds the main cryogenic exchanger with required refrigerant (C3, MR, N2))

CO2 Injection Compressor

Injects carbon dioxide into storage well

Cool the gas stream for separating out heavier hydrocarbon compounds

Lean Gas Compressor

Raises the lean natural gas pressure to a level suitable for the main cryogenic exchanger

End Flash Gas Compressor
Pressurizes the vapor produced during the refrigeration process

Boil-Off Gas Compressor
Re-pressurizes boil-off gas for re-liquefaction, or use in this gaseous state

N2 Booster Compressor
Adjusts the calorific value of the sales gas

Fuel Gas Compressor
Elevates the pressure of the gas stream to the inlet pressure required by the turbine

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MSG portfolio preformance range (pressure vs. flow)