Custom Lifting & Pulling Solutions

At Ingersoll Rand, we pride ourselves as being the quality choice no matter the application. For years we have provided custom lifting & pulling solution for various uses all over the world. If your business has a question, we will have an answer.

Subsea Hoist

Whether for commercial or government applications, our hoists can be used anywhere lifting in & out of water as needed. Our hydraulic subsea chain hoists are designed for a full range of demanding underwater & marine applications, including construction, repair, salvage, recovery or rig decommissioning. These highly specialized hoists are used in positioning cofferdams to perform repairs on ship hulls & for removal & placement of large propellers & shafts. The Ingersoll Rand Subsea Hoist saves time & money by allowing the ship to be repaired without the long, tedious & expensive process of dry docking.


Designed with the diver in mind

  • Pendant has large diver friendly buttons
  • Fully progressive speed control delivers great spotting capabilities
  • High torque orbital motor which offers very precise positioning


Built for harsh environment

  • Fully sealed gearbox and motor
  • Durable construction minimize failures and repair costs
  • Corrosion-resistant chain and housing


Variable plug and play design

  • Quick connects allow operator to daisy-chain hydraulic hoses to desired length
  • Pendant and hoses can be easily disconnected
  • Simplified installation, setup and cleaning


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Since 1924, Ingersoll Rand has been building extremely durable and reliable hoists and winches – and this expertise is found in every subsea hoist we manufacture.

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Previous Challenges Accepted

Client: Aluminum Manufacturer Location: USA Challenge: Tailor Solution for Potline Rebricking in an Aluminum Plant

  • Grooved drum for even spooling & extended wire rope life with a self-tightening cable anchor
  • Lubricated bearings on sheaves & bottom hook
  • Adjustable upper & lower limit switch stops with a positive feed rope guide


Client: Amusement Park Location: USA Challenge: Create a Personnel Lifting Winch with Marine Grade Components 

  • 2200 lbs. capacity for personnel lifting, IEEE45 marine duty motor with planetary greabox
  • Drum grooved for ½” wire rope and press roller on drum
  • NEMA 4 control system w/ emergency stop button & rotary limit switches


Client: Aerospace Technologies Company Location: Worldwide Challenge: Custom Solution for Payload Handling of Special Equipment

  • 11,000 lbs. capacity, designed with multiple drum flanges to accommodate a three point lift.
  • System suitable for explosion proof stipulations-  Class 1, Division II, Group C & D area
  • Brakes: One (1) electric automatic disc motor brake & one (1) air operated, drum brake.


Client: Oil Rig Manufacturer Location: Russia Challenge: A Line of Hydraulic Drill Floor Winches to Operate in a - 40° C Environment.

  • A variety of special hydraulic Man Rider™ & utility winches ranging from 150 kg to 5000 kg. 
  • Control consoles & rigging components complete the 2 system packages which will operate on 2 drilling platforms (Lunskoye A & Piltun B)


Client: Rental Company Location: USA Challenge: Additional Ergonomic Benefit for all day use for General Rigging & Construction

  • 5000 lbs. capacity, 141 fpm (top layer) and a 25hp motor.
  • Seat included with a system design factor: 5:1 (for lifting)
  • Customer requested special green paint.


Client: Shipyard Location: Finland Challenge: System to Support Maintenance of Ballast Pump on an Off-Shore Oil Production Platform

  • Galvanized construction cage with winch, muffler, filter, lubricator, regulator & strainer, mounted inside.
  • Cage facilitates installation & protects winch during operation, transport & storage.