Is Your Compressor The Right Size for Your Auto Repair Shop?

Ensuring that your air compressor is the right size for your automotive shop is critical, not only for completing the tasks, but also for your wallet. To determine which air compressor would work best in your shop, ask yourself: 

1. What types of tools will you be running?
2. How many people will be using compressed air at once?
3. What is the flow & pressure that your system needs? 
4. How much space do you have? 
5. What type of voltage & phase power do you have?

No matter the answers to the questions, Ingersoll Rand has the air compressor for your shop that will save you money in operating costs, help avoid headaches of constant repairs and the expertise from service techs to guarantee the proper maintenance when necessary.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

Our rotary screw compressors, ranging from 5-500 kW, have components throughout the compressor that involve high-tech technology and a built-in Total Air System (TAS) that provides clean, dry air in the single package. This alone will save you up to 80% of the traditional installation cost of individual air treatment equipment.