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Air Compressor Service

compressed air services


  • Compressor servicing from an expert team of engineers
  • Bespoke maintenance plans to suit you
  • Rapid response in an emergency
  • Genuine OEM spare parts and lubricants


At Ingersoll Rand, our service doesn't stop at the sale


There will have been times when you've come away from a new purchase, needing further support when something goes wrong, only to find that the representative, with a sale secured, doesn't want to know. At Ingersoll Rand, our total solutions approach gives our customers peace of mind that we're invested in their productivity. We understand that your continued success relies on our additional services and support.


Prevention is better than cure


Common sense dictates that a regular schedule of preventative maintenance on your machinery and operating systems will go a long way to securing optimum performance for longer. However, the reality is that problems like breakdowns, air leaks and unexplained dips in performance will always need fast, experienced service expertise.


When a problem arises, it's rarely an isolated incident and the negative effect of a unit breaking down often impacts the whole system. Whatever the root cause, downtime can be extremely costly for your business, your clients and even, your reputation. With Ingersoll Rand's air compressor genuine OEM parts and accessories, you can trust our trained engineers to service and repair your valuable investment, getting you back up and running in no time.


Ingersoll Rand - Total Solutions


Going above and beyond the simple provision of spare parts, aftermarket accessories and support, we believe your productivity goes beyond our products. Everything we do is aimed at keeping your investment working efficiently and your business profitable in the long term.


  • Air compressor parts and accessories
  • Power tools parts and accessories
  • Lifting and material handling aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Air compressor lubricants
  • We take a 360-degree view of your configuration, so your team get to focus on critical facility operations.
  • Air compressor services


Rotary screw, centrifugal, reciprocating and or rotary vane, oil-flooded or oil-free, whatever your air compressor, Ingersoll Rand know what you need before you do.


Our Project Managers will manage the detail of your installation and integration work, leaving you and your team clear to focus on the job at hand.

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Maintenance plans

Whether it's scheduled maintenance, planned diagnostics or compressor repair with genuine OEM parts, our range of CARE packages are created to suit you.

Air compressor rentals

A compressor breakdown is a real emergency; when it stops, you stop. Ingersoll Rand Rental Services move fast to get you operational as soon as possible. Planning ahead for change or reacting to a sudden shift in demand, our rental services give you a quick and straightforward solution.

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performance services cover

Performance services

More than just a diagnostic report, our Return on Inspection gives you detailed data with actionable insights that could revolutionize your compressor performance.

Helix Connected Platform

Continuous monitoring of your whole system from anywhere. Heading off problems at the pass, minimizing downtime, all the time.

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air leak assessment

Air leak assessments

Stop wasting money on sub-optimal systems. Our Intellisurvey can work across multiple compressors, giving you accurate results on leak detection and where efficiency improvements can be made.

Turnkey Contracting

Commissioning or constructing new works? We'll take care of the details, leaving you free to focus on your core operations.


Maintaining the status flow


At Ingersoll Rand, we're here to ensure you have the best compressed air solutions for your business. With professional installation and systems integration, ongoing expert support and aftercare, backed by a global parts and services organization, you're in the best hands with Ingersoll Rand.


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