Name: Jorge Fernandez

Job Title: Transportation and Emco Wheaton Iberica Operations Director

Physical Location: Madrid, Spain

Years with the Company: 24

jorge fernandez

We proudly spotlight Jorge Fernandez, an outstanding leader and visionary who has been a valuable part of the Ingersoll Rand family for an impressive 24 years. As the Director of Operations in Madrid, Jorge's journey is a testament to dedication, expertise, and a passion for driving growth and innovation at Ingersoll Rand.

Jorge Fernandez, the Director of Operations at Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions, is an exceptional leader with an impressive 24-year journey with the company. Starting in the financial department, Jorge quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Sales Director and eventually taking up the prestigious role of Operations Management for Iberia.

His extensive experience has made him an authority in customer relations and product knowledge, solidifying Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions' position as a trusted partner. Jorge's dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement drives the company's success, inspiring the entire team. With an unwavering commitment to fostering enduring relationships with clients, he adheres to the principle of delivering top-notch products, services, and tailor-made solutions infused with cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency.

This approach has facilitated connections with exceptional professionals who share a mutual aspiration for perpetual technical advancement in their assets, productivity, and sustainability. Guided by a collaborative spirit, he sustains exceptional commercial partnerships with these like-minded individuals. Outside of work, Jorge enjoys spending time with family and friends, indulging in sports and showcasing his culinary skills.

His passion for traveling and immersing in diverse cultures enriches his life experiences. Jorge takes immense pride in leading Iberia to consistent profitability, even during tough economic crises. He has been instrumental in driving double-digit growth for Ingersoll Rand over the last five years, reflecting his innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

As we celebrate Jorge's journey, we are inspired by his unwavering dedication and leadership in driving growth and customer satisfaction. His contributions have positioned Ingersoll Rand as a trusted industry leader, and we eagerly anticipate his continued excellence.