Maintain safety-critical output for all maintenance and repair applications with compressed air free of oil and contaminants.

Pressure and Vacuum Solutions in the Aircraft Building Industry

The predicted expansion of production activities will mean the need for a substantial outlay of capital on aircraft building infrastructure. Aircraft manufacturers already are (and will continue to be) upgrading existing factories and constructing new facilities to be able to meet the growing demand. With pressure and vacuum solutions playing a key role in the aircraft building process, significant investments will be going into the addition of new compressed air systems, as well as the replacement of aging compressors that are currently in operation.


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There are many applications you will use high-quality compressed air for in your MRO facility. When working with any of these applications, contaminant control is always a top priority. To maintain safety-critical output, consider air compressors that use uncompromising air filtration to ensure contaminant-free air.

At Ingersoll Rand, we pride ourselves on offering compressed air systems that meet your air purity needs. With always available air in place, not only will you meet your operational requirements but also uphold the longevity of your valuable instruments and tools.


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