Case Study: Radio-Controlled BOP Crane System


Customer Location: Alberta, Canada


Scenario: Customer needed a Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Crane System for the construction of a new rig. The customization needed to include:

  1.   Radio-controlled hydraulic panel that meets ATEX Explosion Proof rated Zone 1
  2.   Improved safety through better visibility and better spotting abilities
  3.   Ability to endure in harsh conditions 


Solution: 2 x BS36 Hydraulic Hoists 

  • Created a radio-controlled hydraulic panel
  • Met ATEX Explosion Proof rated Zone 1 qualifications on all components including the radio receivers, spool valves and junction box
  • Counterbalance valve for dynamic control of the lowering speed
  • Used Marine paint (150 microns)
  • Added a spark resistant package (T1 option) to include bronze coated bottom hook assembly and solid bronze trolley wheels
  • Control panel including receiver into stainless steel box for non-ATEX Zone
  • Included a manufacturer test certificate and maintenance manual






STANDARD FEATURES OF THE 2 x BS36 Hydraulic Hoists Include:

  • All steel/cast iron construction
  • Design factor 5:1
  • Automatic fail safe disc brake - Hoist and trolley
  • Geared hydraulic motors - Hoist and trolley
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Fully enclosed planetary gear box
  • Top and bottom limit switches (hyd. kick down valves)
  • Corrosion resistant load chain
  • Bottom block with hook mounted on bearing with external lubrication point and water drain
  • Articulated trolley allowing side pulling operations up to 20°
  • Lifting lugs for ease of installation
  • Trolley wheels designed for flat beam. Trolley guide rollers.
  • Galvanized chain container


Do you need a customized crane system on your rig? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment like the 2 x BS36 System for you today.