Case Study: 50T Cold Weather Units


Customer Location: Russia

Scenario: Customer required a cold weather BOP handling system  The customization needed to include:

  1.   Safely lift a BOP stack on two land rigs
  2.   Ability to function in -45 degree temperatures
  3.   Zone 1 ATEX specifications

Solution: 50T BOP Handling System. Our engineering team designed and procured cold weather load bearing materials certified to work at -45°C. To accomodate the low temperatures the team also recommended a hydraulic operating system as it functions more reliably in harsh conditions compared to pneumatic powered alternatives. 

  • Designed for working ambient temperature of -45°C and -60°C under storage.
  • CE and ATEX for Zone 1 marking.
  • Festooning system for a travelling length of 8 m.
  • Mirror image: The system was supplied with 2 identical units so that the trolley and hoist motors are on the same side
  • EAC requirement: Certification mark to indicate products that conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union




Do you need a customized BOP handling system for your cold weather operations? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment like the 50T BOP Handling System for you today.