Case Study: High Capacity BOP Handling System


Customer Location: Offshore


Scenario: Customer required a large BOP handling system  The customization needed to include:

  1.   Comply with structural and operational safety requirements
  2.   Load sensing pin on each hoist
  3.   Zone 1 ATEX specifications


Solution: 300T BOP Handling System. The capacity required for this BOP went above & beyond anything we have designed & built in the past. Our engineering team developed a solution with 4 lifting points where each lifting point had a capacity of 75T as shown in the drawings to the right.

  • As per DNV-OS-E101 (2013) and API 7K
  • FAT / DNV Witness Test in factory
  • Load sensing pin on each hoist
  • Interface for emergency lowering system.
  • Encoder interface on each hoist and on the travel function
  • Hydraulic connecting block on trolley (5 ports dia ¾” BSP) for connection to customer’s festooning system
  • Denso tape protection on hydraulic fittings
  • Secondary retention and bolt securing as per customer’s requirement
  • Spark resistant package suitable for ATEX Zone 1
  • Offshore paint system. DFT 340 microns – RAL 1021




STANDARD FEATURES of the 150 ton (2 x 75 ton) trolley hoist unit:

  • Design temperature of -20°C
  • 5:1 Safety Factor
  • Overload protection device adjusted in factory during load tests
  • Top and bottom limit switches (Hyd. kick down valves)
  • Minimum/Maximum beam width: 160-300 mm 300mm
  • Maximum beam flange thickness: 60 mm
  • Automatic fail safe disc brakes on both the hoist and the trolleys
  • Bottom clevis mounted
  • Galvanized steel chain container with a rubber pad protection inside
  • Fittings as per ISO8434-1


Do you need a customized BOP handling system for your offshore operations? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment like the 300T BOP Handling System for you today.