Case Study: Pipeline Replacement- ATEX Hoist



Customer Location: Offshore


Scenario: Customer required the removal of existing pipeline valves and the installation of new replacement units. The customization needed to include:

  1.   Zone 1 ATEX specifications
  2.   Cross-hauling capability of 5 degrees or more
  3.   Proven track record of operating successfully in an offshore environment


Solution: 50T Trolley Mounted, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

  • Ability to cross-haul up to 20 degrees
  • Articulation of hoist body within trolley
  • QZ offshore paint system
  • Spark resistant package (T1 Zone 1 ATEX)
  • Bronze coated bottom hook assembly
  • Solid bronze trolley wheels
  • Bottom clevis replaced standard hook
  • Client witness test to prove capability
  • Trolley flange adjustment for specific customer need



STANDARD FEATURES of the 50T Pneumatic Chain Hoists Include:

  • 15 meters heigh of lift
  • Design factor 5:1 - FEM classification 1Bm
  • Automatic fail safe disc brake - Hoist and trolley
  • Gear type air motor on hoist and multi-vane air motor on trolley
  • Integrated overload protection and main power emergency stop valve
  • Fully enclosed gear box
  • Top and bottom limit switches
  • Corrosion resistant load chain
  • 10 meter of control (progressive remote pendant control with e-stop)
  • Articulated trolley allowing side pulling operations up to 20° (hoist only)
  • Trolley wheels for flat beam
  • Galvanized chain container (capacity 15m height of lift)
  • CE marking
  • Trolley flange adjustment for beam width of 250 mm before shipment


Do you need a customized hoist system for your offshore operations? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment like the 50T Hoist for you today.