Aluminum Ergonomic Rail System

Aluminum Ergonomic Rail System

Made in India- Ingersoll Rand Aluminum rails are available in 4 sizes, to meet your specific material handling needs. The enclosed rail systems design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal rolling surface, thus reducing rolling effort.

  • Our Aluminum rails & accessories being localized completely leading to better availability i.e. shorter lead times (3-4 weeks)
  • Technically better than cheap quality steel rail options being imported from abroad (aspects to highlight - light weight, frictionless, made against global standard, better finish, MoC specs)
  • Ability to offer largest spans with highest load capacity compared to competition.

The Ingersoll Rand rail systems ADVANTAGE

  • Lightweight and ergonomic: less than 1 percent rolling resistance
  • Modular and flexible: bolted together; no welding required
  • Clean, maintenance-free operation: no lubrication required
  • Safety: designed to meet or exceed all national and international standards

Lightweight aluminum profiles

  • Lightweight and available for length up to 30ft
  • Extruded from aluminum alloy 6063-T6
  • Clear anodized for a smooth, clean, corrosive- free surface

Rail Systems – Accessories



Advanced Load Trolleys

Ingersoll Rand trolleys are designed to work in conjunction with the enclosed track rail to reduce the rolling effort required to move a load. In fact, only a force equal to 1 percent of the total rolling weight is needed when moving loads.

  • Lightweight: Trolleys are made from high strength, lightweight aluminium castings
  • Optional third "reaction" anti-kick-up wheel for cantilevered loads
  • Injection moulded wheels: Provide for clean, wear free operation that resists flattening
  • Sealed Precision Bearings: In wheels and side guide rollers, they provide long life and reduced maintenance
  • Rail Safety Lug: Prevents the body of the trolley from being pulled through the enclosed track rail
  • Versatile: Ingersoll Rand-built trolleys are available for use in virtually every manufacturer's enclosed track rail system


Adjustable Hanger Kit

  • Attach to I-beam, angle iron, C-channel, and other overhead steel shapes
  • Close and rigid style hangers available for low headroom
  • Adjustable-height hangers provide easy leveling
  • Sway bracing for hanger drops >24" for added safety and stability


Articulating end trucks

  • Maximize the ability of the operator to precisely position the load
  • Reduce fatigue by allowing the operator to move only the portion of the bridge crane near the load
  • Dramatic improvements over typical rigid end-truck systems, which require the user to move the entire mass of the bridge crane for each operation