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Reliable and 100% Oil Free Compressed Air for Electronics Industry


To our customers in the Electronics Industry, productivity and product quality are of the greatest importance in order to be successful. They depend on a reliable and continuous supply of high-quality compressed air being delivered to the point of use in their process.

Compressed air is used in the electronics industry more often than one might think. From Semiconductors, PCB and electronic components manufacturing, to flat screen and display manufacturing, fuel cell production, The air used to do complete these tasks must be 100% oil-free: it is vital that you have clean and uninterrupted air flowing through your systems.


What Makes Our 100% Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors


Save energy and help ensure product quality, reduce the number of quality rejects

The future of the electronics manufacturing industry is bright, but it’s not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to moisture inside the components.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How product defects and returns can indicate a bigger issue inside your components;
  • The role of 100% clean and dry compressed air in reducing moisture; 
  • Why an energy efficiency audit can help you determine what’s going on in places you can’t see; and
  • How to avoid unplanned downtime and consequent production loss.


Equipment acc. ISO 8573-01:2010, avoiding all risk of oil content in the downstream installation and point-of-use.


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class 0 centrifugal
compressor parts 13a


Avoiding free water content to be carried over into the downstream system components and point-of-use production equipment.


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Achieving low pressure dewpoint (even down to -70°C) and hence guaranteeing no moisture content that could contaminate product quality.


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Purifying the compressed air at the source and just in front of the point-of-use, avoiding any risk of process fouling and production loss due to unwanted particles.


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For our customers in the Electronics industry, the cost of quality defects and consequent production loss is enormous. Because quality cannot be compromised, most Electronics Manufacturing companies choose to partner with global leaders in the compressor industry, getting the reassurance they need from decades of system design experience, and reliability in the DNA: Ingersoll Rand’s total solutions are developed to stand the test of time.

When selecting the right equipment to meet the stringent manufacturing process requirements, air quality and purity, and a low pressure dewpoint (resulting in moisture-free air) are crucial criteria. Also, we understand that in the Electronics industry, the cost of unplanned downtime and consequent production loss is enormous. Hence, while selecting the right equipment to meet the stringent electronic manufacturing process requirements, it is crucial to keep in mind two major factors - Equipment Availability and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).



How We Build Reliability into Every Component?

With Ingersoll Rand’s capability to design, install and maintain a total compressed air system, one can expect :

  • Redundancy at the source: ensuring ample back-up available at all times.
  • Buffer capacity in air delivery line: avoiding that minor interruptions at the source cause production disturbances at the point of use.
  • System control capability: providing sufficient operational flexibility, composed from a combination of fixed speed machines that fulfill the base load air demand, supplemented with properly sized variable speed machines to absorb any peak loads in the air consumption pattern.
  • Load balancing concept and “equal wear”: enabling even utilization of the compressed air equipment, and hence avoiding that one piece of equipment is subject to more heavy use and more wear compared to another piece of equipment.
  • Fast service response and contingency plans: service partners with the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any issue, and provide a 24/7 support with robust Maintenance Agreements.


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