Maintenance Repair Operation

Whether you are working in a factory or a garage, when it comes to selecting the right power tool, cutting down on time-consuming repairs is a critical decision point. Certain repairs present obstacles to easily access the problem area – equipment or parts can get in the way, making repairs take that much longer. That’s why we’ve designed the next generation of pneumatic and cordless tools to be more compact to increase accessibility to hard-to-reach places. But it’s also about performance – Ingersoll Rand air-driven tools have always given you the power and durability you need to get the job done. But our cordless tools have come a long way to give you added flexibility along without sacrificing performance. Cordless battery technology now offers sufficient power as well as an interchangeable battery system allows you to move from job to job and tool to tool without having to worry about a dead battery slowing you down.

Maintenance photo