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Helix™ Connected Platform

A remote monitoring system delivering real-time data visibility & insights to make your compressor smart and connected.


What is Helix™ Connected Platform?

Developed to maximize uptime, quality and energy efficiency, the Helix™ Connected Platform uses innovative sensor technology to provide total transparency into your compressor’s performance. Utilizing the technological advancements IIoT and I4.0 provide, Helix allows you to receive data and alerts from a cloud-based platform to your PC, tablet or smartphone. This makes operational efficiency simple by keeping 
you connected and reducing your costs.



What Are the Benefits of Helix for your facility?


Maximize Uptime - Helix™ connectivity provides powerful insights direct to your PC, tablet or smartphone to keep compressors operating at peak performance and reduce the risk of downtime. Visibility into machine functionality reduces the time needed to solve issues. In addition, Helix™ connectivity promotes a more predictive and condition-based maintenance strategy rather than strict calendar-scheduled service. Therefore, your compressor gets what it needs when it needs it, helping you to meet specific operational needs.

Cost Savings & Quality - With Helix™ Connected Platform, you can reduce your costs and ensure you are consistently meeting your expected air pressure for your demand and air flow. Helix™ Connectivity allows for remote monitoring that measures your air pressure against demand, enabling visibility into whether or not your compressor is delivering the required air pressure. Fast detection of these potentially costly pressure changes by the Helix™  Connected Platform allows for efficient response times due to early detection of issues. This helps to reduce further repair or maintenance costs by resolving any equipment under-performance, thus helping you get back to optimum quality air delivery as soon as possible.


Energy Efficiency - Helix™ connectivity allows you to achieve maximum machine efficiency through proactive communications, service reminders and actionable insights. Less energy is needed to resolve issues ensuring more for your operations! IIoT has also enabled the Helix™ connected platforms to provide users with solutions that require less energy but still allow their equipment to perform better, helping to promote a more sustainable compressed air future!

The Helix™ connectivity Advantage at a Glance

  • Advanced sensor technology transmits real-time operating data via the cloud
  • Proactive service alerts sent via phone, email; routine data available and accessible via online customer portal anytime and from anywhere
  • Equipment maintenance notifications and powerful insights help equip maintenance teams to keep compressors operating at peak performance and reduce the risk of downtime
  • Real-time monitoring that enables insights and facilitates communication to support productive, mechanical efficiency
  • Peace of mind that your Authorized Ingersoll Rand Service Provider receives compressor alarms instantly, allowing for proactive response to ensure the health of your assets. 

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How Do I Get Helix Connectivity?

  • Available on all new contact-cooled rotary compressors, 45kW and above, and on all oil-free rotary compressors as a factory-installed standard feature. It's also available as an upgrade to existing equipment and as a feature of our CARE suite of maintenance plans. Our tiered CARE plans allow you to select the level of insights you need to meet your specific operational needs.

Sustainable & Energy-Efficient Compressed Air

Helix™ Connected Platform transforms your response times to issues from reactive to proactive by providing you with actionable insights for real-time reliability. Thanks to its customer-facing dashboard and online portal, you can access this data from anywhere and at any time. 

This allows you to maximize your uptime and energy efficiency, ensure the quality of air delivery and enjoy cost savings. Interested? Download our Whitepaper to find out how IIoT and Helix™ connectivity make this possible… 


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