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Do you have multiple air compressors?

Some compressed air systems, maybe yours, are large enough and employ multiple compressors.  If your compressed air demand changes from day to day, an uncontrolled system could produce too much air and that could get expensive.

How, then, do you manage a multiple compressor system efficiently?

With a central controller, that's how.  One controller that manages and monitors every unit in your system.

A central controller can divide your workload over multiple machines quickly and easily, and can even schedule each machine to spring into action or shut down depending on need. It can also prioritize newer compressors over older ones to operate efficiently when workloads permit.

In a fixed system, compressors may work in a pre-determined order to meet demand. Your controller can ensure the optimal combination of machines are employed at any given time.

Your central controller can manipulate your compressor to operate within a razor-thin air pressure margin, even while multiple units are being used.

A central controller system can aid your technicians when it comes time for scheduled maintenance by managing shutdowns to prevent a decrease in pressure that could hamper your facilities ability to perform.

This type of scheduling also helps manage wear and tear on your units, making sure they last a good long time and keep operating as they should for years.

Precise pressures, scheduled shutdowns and a divided workload are just a few of the reasons to consider a central controller in a multiple compressor system.

Obviously, your needs are unique, and our technicians can help you manage your units and ensure they continue to operate flawlessly and efficiently.