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Comparing OEM vs Non-OEM Parts for Your Ingersoll Rand CompressorIs the Premium Price Worth It?

Each component installed in an air compressor is built for specific service life and is regularly subjected to wear and tear. Subsequently, it will require maintenance for optimal functioning and performance after a few years. Often, consumers seek low-cost buy air compressor parts.   

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Advantages of OEM vs Non-OEM Replacement Air Compressor Parts

Genuine industrial air compressor parts are critical to the smooth operation of your air compressor. Although they tend to be more costly when compared to locally manufactured or “third-party” accessories, they are custom designed to match the operating parameters of the equipment in use. Subsequently, an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement accessory is essential for restoring the previous output levels of your air compressor. 


Why Buy OEM air compressor spares? Top 5 reasons

  • Improved Equipment Durability 

Since OEM replacement components signify premium engineering and professional quality, they guarantee optimal efficiency of the equipment. Moreover, OEMs design spare parts precisely as per the equipment specifications; hence, the risk of equipment failure and decrease in production performance is negligible. Thus, OEM spares guarantee as-new performance.

On the contrary, purchasing a low-cost third-party replacement can easily compromise the equipment’s performance, rendering a shorter lifespan and more production downtime. 

  • Improved Safety for Users

OEMs follow industry safety compliance to ensure occupational security and environmental protection. Hence, genuine replacement parts offer enhanced protection for the users. Conversely, installing a cheaper third party spare parts that have not been designed and tested specifically for your equipment possess a potential fire hazard or risk to safety and health

  • Improved Efficiency

Genuine parts can be costlier when compared to third-party manufactured parts. However, OEMs deliver optimal performance for a longer duration. Using substandard parts can easily interrupt production, increase downtime, and demand more frequent repairs. Do you want to shop air compressor parts to conduct preventative maintenance when needed and then forget about your machine, or install cheaper spare parts that require continual monitoring and changing out resulting in equipment downtime?

  • Stringent Quality Tests for Consistent Operation

Reliability is the keystone of businesses and industries. Timeline and quality are critical to product launches. Hence, the equipment must always operate consistently. Subsequently, OEM spares should be installed as a matter of course. They undergo stringent endurance tests and quality inspections to ensure and guarantee performance after the repairs or service.    

  • Warranty

It is crucial to maintain the warranty benefits of your air compressor. Use genuine OEM parts only, or your warranty will become void!

When you buy air compressor parts remember that third-party manufactured parts void the compressor’s warranty; hence you lose protection and insurance on your investment, which can prove costly for your business in the event of repairs and downtime. In addition, non-OEMs only offer protection for their spare parts and not for the damage caused to the equipment, unlike the original manufacturer. 

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OEM vs Will-Fit – the real difference

Example: Oil Filter

OEMs use appropriate engineering methods, optimal manufacturing processes, and stringent quality parameters to design replacement oil filters. In addition, they follow the three F’s of robust design principles - Form, Fit, and Function. Subsequently, the replacement accessory delivers the original performance of the air compressor after repairs or servicing.   

OEM manufactured oil filters are built for:

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Higher Productivity and Reliability
  • Lower environmental impact


On the contrary, installing a “will-fit” oil filter that contains cellulose pleated, single-layer fiberglass will offer reduced performance and efficiency, leading to a greater risk of occupational hazards and frequent repairs.

Will-Fit oil filters are single-layered thinly pleated paper filters that are initially cheaper but eventually cost a great deal more with:

  • Frequent compressor downtime
  • Higher maintenance cost
  • Higher operational cost because of reduced efficiency
  • Higher risk of compressor failure
  • Higher risk of unscheduled production shutdown


Case Study – the importance of using OEM parts

Installing non-OEM replacement components and lubricants can lead to recurrent downtime, incompetent operation, lower performance, increased maintenance cost, and a high risk of equipment failure. 

A Fortune 500 company hired a third-party maintenance team using non-OEM components and lubricants to service and repair their Ingersoll Rand compressors. Subsequently, the customer experienced several operational issues: compressor overheating due to debris build-up, bearing and seals exposed to severe damage, corroding rivets, incompatible sealing material, and reduced equipment performance.

As a result, the company suffered a 3-months downtime, a delay in production, and high energy bills, which could have been averted by hiring Ingersoll Rand’s services and expertise.

For more on the story, click here.



Just as your business needs investment, so does your equipment. The optimal functioning and performance of your machinery is critical to the success of your business. Therefore, replacing worn-out parts with OEM designed spares will protect your investment and enable your air compressor to work efficiently with minimal downtime, lower energy bills, and lower maintenance costs. Talk to an Ingersoll Rand expert today