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  • Trust Ingersoll Rand for high-quality OEM Air Compressor Parts
  • Essential for maintaining optimal performance of compressors
  • We offer lubricants, maintenance and replacement parts and other parts to enhance operation


At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a variety of OEM Air Compressor parts essential for the preservation and performance of your industrial and commercial compressed air systems. These range from lubricants to installation and maintenance equipment and replacement parts or spares.


A closer look at some of the Air Compressor Parts we offer...


Perhaps the most crucial part we sell, especially if you are using an oil-flooded compressor solution. Compressor lubricant is essential for any system requiring oil to operate. Our range varies from our high-quality H1 and NSF certified food grade Ultra FG lubricant explicitly designed to meet food and beverage industry standards to our All-Seasons Select lubricant, which prevents carbon build-up helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wear and still operate in varying temperatures. In addition, we also offer our Techtrol Gold Centrifugal Compressor Lubricant and our XL range. The correct lubricant is essential to ensure your systems are working efficiently; they also give you control over the way your operation runs, as our range can be expertly matched to your specific needs. To understand more about how to pick the perfect oil for your compressor, please visit here.

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compressor Maintenance Parts Next Generation 3037 kWoil flooded Rotary Compressor

Replacement and Maintenance Parts

We offer replacement parts for our MSG Centrifugal Compressor systems which consist of new valves, bullgear and bolts, and OEM replacement belts and air filter assemblies. Ingersoll Rand also supplies OEM connecting rod and bearing kits plus FA In-Line replacement filter elements to ensure you can replace any equipment and get up and running with no unnecessary time wasted.

At Ingersoll Rand, we also provide maintenance parts for our oil-flooded rotary screw solutions, with our OEM kits including everything you would ever need to get your system working back at an optimal level – from coolants to separator cartridges and filters – we've got it covered.

SimplAir Compressed Air Piping

This new and advanced piping system from Ingersoll Rand uses marine-grade aluminum pipes to distribute leak-free supplies of high-flow compressed air and other inert gasses and support vacuum systems. Its focus is on being a low cost, easy to install and maintain, efficient addition to your compressors to eliminate the risk of contamination, turbulence and associated pressure losses.

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compressor parts NEW33 bolton VFDs

Bolt-on VFDs

Our Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) retrofits are available for rotary contact-cooled and oil-free machines. They are an external piece of stand-alone equipment that is easy to install and maintain, and they allow precise pressure control and reduced noise level. At Ingersoll Rand, we understand that energy is the single most significant cost of owning an air compressor. With our variable-speed operations, we are lowering your cost of ownership by providing a flexible system that only works when you need it to. Potentially the most essential benefit of our VFDs is that they have the ability to exactly match the compressor's output to the capacity required, all by varying the speed of the main drive motor - therefore promising you an efficient operation with no excess costs.

Small Reciprocating Kits

At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a variety of kits designed for any small reciprocating compressor needs. Our range includes our installation kits, valve kits and gasket kits which all contain all the equipment and products you need to ensure all of your systems are functioning correctly. They are also an integral part of factory-recommended annual maintenance to help eliminate the risk of any damage to expensive compressor components.

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