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Commercial Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand has designed reciprocating single stage air compressors and two stage air compressors to last a lifetime — Thanks to quick, easy maintenance with renewable components. Easy access to the pump components in our reciprocating compressors allows for routine maintenance and replacement of parts like the individually cast cylinders, the piston wear-sleeves, and the 15,000-hour bearings. Easy reciprocating air compressor component replacement lets you amortize your initial capital cost over a much longer equipment life span, for a superior payback on your investment.

  • A range of reciprocating compressors design and manufactured for a variety of uses
  • Small 2 hp to heavy-duty 25 hp energy-efficient systems and solutions
  • Two-year warranty and extended pump warranty available with our All-Season Select lubricant start-up kit


At Ingersoll Rand, we produce a variety of reciprocating air compressors and accessories ideal for commercial use for applications such as auto body shops, small garages and DIY projects. Our focus has always been on translating the power and efficiency found in our industrial compressors into a more commercial-friendly solution, ensuring everyone’s needs can be met. Whether you are looking for a portable, truck-mounted, pressure-lubricated, oil-less, high pressure or electric driven or duplex compressor, our range of commercial compressors has all the solutions you are looking for. This is achieved through our portfolio of equipment ranging from small, 2 hp systems to more heavy-duty 25 hp systems, as this allows our solutions to flexibly fit a wide range of applications and requirements.

The majority of our commercial solutions feature a durable cast-iron cylinder, making them built to last and perform in the most efficient way possible. This, combined with their lightweight design and expert portability, renders them the best and most effective solution available for your commercial needs.

A look into a few of our commercial compressors…

Twin Stack Small Portable Reciprocating Air Compressor 2 hp

This lubricated, portable system thrives on a job site or when being used for DIY projects, as it is built with advanced, durable components that offer maximum power, reliable operation and long product life. It is user-friendly, lightweight and can be adapted to a variety of applications.

P1IUA92hp Reciprocating Electric Single Stage Compressor
garage mate p1 5iu a9 h 1 300

Garage Mate Small Portable Reciprocating Air Compressor 2 hp

The Garage Mate is capable of powering impact guns, drills, sanders amongst a large variety of other tasks by delivering maximum air and being equipped with a 20 gallon receiver tank for tougher operations. Anyone from professionals in a shop or on a job site to advanced do-it-yourselfers at home will find this to be the perfect garage companion that can be trusted to be reliable, durable and efficient.

Small Portable Electric Driven Air Compressor (Wheelbarrow) 2-3 hp

Our small portable electric driven solution combines its low-profile, lightweight design with its robust components to ensure user-friendly maneuverability in even the most challenging environments. Its manual thermal overload protection of the motor and other advanced safety features allow it to operate even in situations where electricity is unavailable – making it a market-leading piece of kit.

SS3J2355hp Reciprocating Electric Wheelbarrow Compressor
2475F13GH13 hp ReciprocatingGasTwoStageCompressorp

Truck-Mounted Two-Stage Gas Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor 13-14 hp

This truck-mounted appliance is perfect for remote pneumatic applications, emergency production line needs and – much like our small portable electric driven solution – climates where electricity is scarce. Due to its reliable operation and incredible portability, it is able to produce the air you need whenever and wherever – ensuring a controlled, flexible, stress-free working environment.


Most of our commercial models also offer a two-year warranty and extended pump warranty with the purchase of our All-Season Select lubricant start-up kit. You will also receive all the parts you need for start-up and your first year of maintenance.

We also produce an extensive range of single-stage and two-stage reciprocating air compressors, which are also capable of operating commercially for any application. To enquire further about these or any of the solutions explained above, please go to this page…


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