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Ingersoll Rand manufactures a large variety of air compressors for commercial and industrial uses. Let our reciprocating air compressor buying guide walk you through the selection process. Before you begin, you'll need to have some information on hand. We've included questions below to help guide you.




Selecting the best reciprocating air compressor depends on many variables, such as the tools and equipment you will be powering with the air compressor, the site where the compressor will operate, the power source you're using, flow and pressure, and even your industry: Automotive, DIY, Woodworking, Metalworking, Craft Brewing, or Farm and Ranch.


Determining the right size compressor for your business depends on what type of equipment you'll be powering, how much equipment you have, and how often it's used. When you choose your industry in the tool below, you'll be asked these questions so help us find the best reciprocating compressor for your needs.


Depending on the industry, you'll need to have answers for some or all of the following to determine which type and what size air compressor you need:

  1. Which types of equipment will you be powering with the air compressor?
  2. How many pieces of equipment will you be powering?
  3. What does your air usage look like with each piece of equipment?
  4. What CFM at max pressure do you require?
  5. What PSIG do you require?
  6. Which type of compressor you prefer – electric or gas; portable, stationary, or truck-mounted?
  7. What voltage/phase power do you have access to?
  8. Which features would you like to have, such as a low oil level switch, air-cooled aftercooler, or electric drain valve?

Once you've completed the questions, our air compressor buying guide will offer a top recommendation and other compressors that fit your needs. You can learn more about each, find distributors where you can make your purchase, or request a quote.