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What Items Do I Need to Consider When Installing a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

There are several important considerations to factor in before installing a Reciprocating Air Compressor

  1. Location – Ensure adequate spacing to service and maintain the air compressor (minimum of 12 inches away from walls).
  2. Climate – Ideal ambient operating temperature is 32 - 100°F.
  3. Foundation – Bolt the unit to a firm, level foundation, such as a concrete floor, using proper mounting hardware.
  4. Ventilation – Ensure adequate cool air flow around the machine (1000 cubic feet of fresh air per every 5 Horsepower)
  5. Noise – Consider operating sound levels (dBA), pipe away inlet air, isolator pads, and silencer.
  6. Electrical Requirements – Determine and check the correct voltage level to supply the necessary power to the unit while following NEC Code.
  7. Piping – Determine the type, length, size of piping or air lines
  8. Condensation Removal – Collection and disposal of tank condensate.


For direction and information on installing your reciprocating air compressor, view the "Reciprocating Air Compressor Install Manual" in the Document Library: Documents

You can also watch our YouTube video