GHH RAND Lubricant Preservative
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Lubricants for Tanker Applications
Compressor Preservation

To keep your GHH RAND® screw compressor in good condition when not operating for a certain period of time, we recommend using one of our preservation kits to offer you the best protection of your air compressor while it remains parked and unused.

Maximum Protection


Increase Machine Lifespan

Reduce Breakdowns

Our highly engineered preserving agent will ensure that your compressor is protected during the time that it is not running. This offers you peace of mind that you can enjoy the best performance and uptime when the unit is back in full-time operation. Depending on the climate, degree of air contamination, and cleanliness of the metal surface, our preservation kit can offer around 3-4 months of protection, ensuring a smooth, hassle free start up with reduced risk of locking.

Preservative Applications

We recommend our preservation kit for any of our bulk transport and tanker rotary screw compressors that will be going through a period of downtime to ensure they are protected and continue to offer the high levels of efficiency and performance you expect.

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