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Lubricants for Tanker Applications
SILOL® Food Grade

GHH RAND® have designed and developed a special food grade lubricant that is H1 certified for food applications. The compressor oil, SILOL® FG, was engineered by us especially for the discharge of dry bulk materials used within the food industry. In addition to the host of benefits offered by our SILOL® lubricant, SILOL® FG offers certified compliance with strict H1 regulation #CD0824703 regarding incidental contact with food. Applicable for all food applications, this lubricant offers unrivalled peace of mind that your critical payload is protected.

High Performance


Excellent Thermal Stability

H1 Registered (2Probity)

German Engineered Advanced Lubricant

SILOL® FG encompasses all of the incredible features and benefits of our SILOL® oil including high performance, longevity, durability, corrosion protection, reduction of residues, and increased critical temperature limits but packaged in a solution that is safe for all food applications.

Accredited for Maximum Peace of Mind

SILOL® FG is accredited for use in all food and feed related applications with incidental contact according to H1 regulations. It is also compliant with silo transportation regulations according to HACCP (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Special FG Characteristics

SILOL® FG is the only food grade lubricant specifically developed for use with our rotary screw compressors and therefore is the only product that can offer you the efficiency, performance, and machine lifespan you expect at the lowest lifecycle costs.

Low Maintenance Solution

Reduced hassle solution with oil change only required after 12 months when using SILOL® FG exclusively, a real advantage over our competitors who require more frequent replacements, saving you time and money!

Extended Warranty

We are confident when it comes to our lubricants high-performance characteristics and so will extend your warranty from 12 to 24 months when you exclusively use our SILOL® lubricant products.

SILOL® Food Grade Applications

SILOL® FG is generally applicable for all food applications and is also recommended for additional applications where temperature sensitive goods may be being conveyed for added assurance and protection of your payload.

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