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Intercooled Compressor Solution
CS1050 IC NEU for Heat Sensitives

The Next Generation CS1050 IC NEU belt driven solution from GHH RAND® delivers clean oil-free, cooled compressed air, suitable for the pneumatic conveyance of heat-sensitive dry bulk products typically as required in the food and plastics industries. Clean cool pressurised air, paired with GHH RAND® high-performance lubricants, SILOL® and SILOL® FG, provide ongoing peace of mind, protecting your product & your customer, whilst also supporting health and safety requirements.

The German designed and manufactured compressor package offers, quality, reliability, guaranteed performance, and long service life. For our customers, the results is long term efficiency with consistent daily results.

Bespoke Solution

Cooled Discharge Air

Varied Performance


Package Designed and Made in Germany

Plug and play with an easy-to-install, complete package module available and configured precisely to your specific needs.

Choice of Solutions to Suit Customer Requirements

The CS1050 IC NEU solution is available with a unique new multiple arrangement for the positioning of the bearing block, allowing an optimised propshaft drive angle, providing a long service life.

Contaminant-Free Rotors for Sensitive Products

Peace of mind is provided against product contamination with an applied corrosion resistant coating of the rotors supporting compliance of products discharged within the food industry.

Robust & Durable Mounting Frame

All bracketry and mounting frames are fully FEA validated, ensuring strong durable and robust mounting of the solution for all European vehicles. Our concept being that of fit and forget even under challenging road conditions.

Drive Options

Belt drive options are available in a range of solutions optimised to meet your exact requirements, reducing fuel consumption, noise and emissions.

Noise Reduction

Silencers are of the non-migrating reactive concept, providing excellent levels of sound attenuation, whilst ensuring no silencer infill migration into the air discharge line.

CS1050 IC NEU Intercooled Applications

The GHH RAND® dry-running rotary screw solution is ideally suited to discharging bulk goods at optimal rates to reduce your discharge times. The IC (Intercooled) package is the perfect choice for heat sensitive products that require temperature controlled cooled discharge air, protecting the product from degradation.

The IC solution is suitable for other conveyed products, including:

Animal Feed, Powdered Chemicals, Plastic Pellets, Pharmaceutical Materials

Technical Data

cs1050 ic neu technical data compressor

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