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Where do I find serial number on my small reciprocating compressor (up to 15 HP)?

The reciprocating air compressor product line built at the Ingersoll Rand factory located in Campbellsville, KY (USA) have a silver decal affixed to the air receiver tank that displays identifying data applicable to the compressor.  This decal is typically located near the discharge port on the tank.

Near the top of this decal (in large font) is the serial number of the compressor package.

For compressors built from early-2011 through current date, the serial number will consist of the letters "CBV" followed by six numeric digits. 

In the image below, the serial number of this compressor is CBV381348.

For units built between 2000 and 2011, the serial number will be on a similar decal, but the format will be ten numeric digits (i.e. - 0206230125).

Providing the correct serial number when contacting Ingersoll Rand for support will help us look up your compressor and serve you quickly.

NOTE - The serial number located on the tag affixed to the black, cast iron compressor pump is for the pump only. Ingersoll Rand does not use this serial number to identify the compressor.