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Bulk Compressor Applications
GHH RAND® Airends

GHH RAND® specialise in the design and manufacture of a range of oil free rotary screw airends that are available as a complete packaged solution to deliver oil free compression for a variety of pneumatic discharging applications for bulk materials, offering compliance with industry and hygiene standards.

Where customers cannot buy a complete solution from us, the airends are available alone to be used as part of your own, custom solution. The airend is the heart of our equipment and offers high operational reliability and maximum performance with our optimised design and engineering, offering a safe and effective solution to be installed onto most European road tankers.

German Design & Quality

Package Solutions



GHH RAND have high market recognition as a leading manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in the bulk unloading business. Our design ingenuity and innovation has meant we are successful and well recognised in most major markets since our original launch in 1958.

The conservative and proven German design of GHH RAND airends has been providing excellent performance under extreme conditions for many years for our customers in a range of industries.

Our airends are available in a range of comprehensive, fully assembled solutions that are ready to be installed straight away. Our package solutions reduce installation times, complexity, and cost, offering customers an easy solution for their bulk product transportation needs.

Our industry-benchmarked, tried and tested belt-driven airends, CG80, CS80, and CS85 go into our CG600, CS700, and CS1050 solutions which are available in our Standard, Light, and Intercooled packages.

Our Standard solution provides reliable performance and is widely used for many common applications in the dry bulk market whilst our Light solution is designed to offer increased operational efficiency through a weight saving design. Additionally, our Intercooled solution delivers cooled compressed air which is ideally suited to temperature sensitive bulk goods.

For difficult applications with crowded chassis rails, we have developed our next generation airends, CS90 with upper and lower volume flow versions and the CS104, to help meet market demand and regional market requirements. These airends go into our CS580, CS750, and CS1200 solutions, requiring low space for installation and providing a plug and play solution for most European 6x2 and 6x4 tractors.

For liquid bulk conveyance, GHH RAND® has developed the SV200, a compact sliding vane oil free compressor for the discharge of bulk liquid road tankers. German-engineered with the specific needs of professionals in the road tank industry in mind, our solution for the liquid bulk market is optimised to offer the user next-level performance and reliability.

All of our airends offer 2.5 bar gauge operation across a wide speed and flow range, enabling discharge of problematic products into challenging applications.

Airend Aftermarket Care

We also offer a choice of highly engineered lubricants with a wide operating range that are specifically designed to support and enhance our oil free screw compressor package solutions. Furthermore, the well-engineered characteristics of our SILOL® and SILOL® FG lubricants allow us to offer you an extension of one year warranty for your compressor solution.

Associated Solutions and Lubricants