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Meet your productivity goals with reliable, always-available air that matches the air quality for your applications.

How General Manufacturers Create High-Quality Compressed Air

Compressed air is an integral part of most manufacturing processes, but it can be inefficient and expensive if not managed appropriately. One challenge is that compressed air is often considered a free commodity so many plant operators don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to manage it. But, by the time air is compressed, cooled, dried, transported, regulated, and then finally used, it is anything but free.


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Whether you are running one shift or multiple shifts, your manufacturing operation demands high-quality, reliable air that is available anytime. As your compressed air solutions partner, Ingersoll Rand takes the burden off of you, collaborating to design, deliver and install an air system that is a perfect match for your operations.

First, air experts work with you to identify the air qualities for your applications, including the air's ISO specification: moisture levels and particulate and oil content. Next, the Ingersoll Rand team designs an air system that delivers the air quality, quantity and power for your manufacturing process. We can also oversee the installation and recommend service and maintenance programs that optimize the total ownership cost.

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