GHH RAND Flushing Oil
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Lubricants for Tanker Applications
SILOL® Flushing Oil

When changing from a non-food application using regular SILOL® to a food application, any residues of previously used lubricants for non-food applications must be removed completely from the airend and/or package using our flushing oil. This ensures that your compressor is flushed of the old product and guarantees the best results when switching to our specially developed SILOL® FG lubricant.

Total Machine Purge

Cleanse Compressor

Upgrade to Food Grade


SILOL® FG is a highly advanced, lubricant that is designed and developed specifically for utilisation in the food industry. It is compliant with H1 regulations and offers the best protection of your product for those in the food and feed transport sectors. To maximise SILOL® FG performance, if you’re switching from a standard application to a food grade application, we always recommend use of our SILOL® Flushing lubricant to prepare your screw compressor for the switch. Our flushing lubricant is specifically designed to purge the compressor of any previously used oils prior to use of our SILOL® FG lubricant.

SILOL® Flushing Oil Applications

SILOL® Flushing is recommended for anyone who is changing from a non-food application using regular SILOL® to a food application and wishes to purge their compressor package in preparation for utilisation of the SILOL® FG lubricant.

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