Food production has a huge impact on global warming, eutrophication and the decreasing diversity of nature. The ecological aspect has become more more and important when discussing food, and animal products have significant influence on the earth's ecological carrying capacity.  Aquaculture is part of the nutrition solution: it enables breeding massive amounts of fish, crustaceans, and algae. It’s also one of the fastest growing businesses in the food industry.

Aquaculture and breeding facilities need compressed air for multiple functions. For example, the water needs to be clean and it needs to flow to keep the farmed fish healthy. Compressed air is also used for the aeration of fish pools, getting the fish to move, in the feeding systems, and to prevent sea lice. Suitable and reliable compressed air products are vital for the success of the operation.

Ingersoll Rand provides a wide selection of OEM compressors from air ends with oil separator to full compressor packages for various aquaculture compressed air needs. Our OEM compressor pressure ranges from 3 barg (44 psig) to 14 barg (203 psig). The capacity ranges from 0.25m3/min (9 cfm) to 72.5m3/min (2560 cfm). In marine applications compressors have to cope with high salinity in water and corrosion - Ingersoll Rand OEM compressors are known for their reliability also in marine conditions.