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Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions (IRTS) has been formed to set the precedent for innovation in the age of alternative fuels.

As a business operating at the heart of sustainable transportation, we must also evolve in order to continue to be that partner. That’s why we have brought together our key strategic brands under the umbrella of IRTS, an innovation-led vehicle-mounted transport solutions and fuel systems specialist.

Where our customers see challenges, we see opportunities; opportunities to innovate and opportunities to shape the future of transportation.

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Our brands are synonymous with innovation. As the transport market continues to change, IRTS is taking its place at the forefront of evolution.

The strategic brands are core to IRTS. It takes decades to build a legacy and few brands have quite the market legacy and reputation as Gardner Denver Transport Solutions, GHH RAND®, EMCO Wheaton and TODO. That’s why the creation of Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions has been implemented with these four brands at the core. Our strategic brands will continue to operate in their markets, under their individual names, to further their excellent reputations. IRTS will be positioned across them all, feeding innovation, capital, and global opportunities at scale, through a sustainable market approach.

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Our ambition for IRTS is to retain existing customer relationships and build new ones which take our business and its brands into the world of future sustainable transportation, further broadening our reach, and market position.

We are here to make life better for our customers, our partners, ourselves, and our planet. To achieve this, we must work closely with our partners through our D3 initiatives - Design, Develop and Deliver to market the latest partners in future transportation, aiding the creation of more sustainable and effective mobility solutions. That’s why we’re embracing our entrepreneurial spirit and bringing innovation back to the heart of what we do. To be the partner helping our customers take on the challenges they face – as we move into a world of new fuel technologies and new industry standards.



The Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions strategic brands operate across a broad portfolio of transport and fuel systems industries and markets. Our portfolio has been developed over decades of innovation and experience, enabling our brands to offer the most reliable and energy efficient solutions in the transportation marketplace today.



Our business is comprised of transportation experts who continually strive to work in partnership with our customers in pursuit of new technologies and engineering techniques. We understand that all our customers face challenges, globally. Our commitment to them is to continue to innovate through collaboration, to help design futureproof sustainable solutions for the new breed of alternative fuel vehicles.

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We place very high value on the relationship with our customers. That’s why we work in partnership through our conception to delivery programme D3 – Design, Develop, Deliver, to create new solutions that support our customers throughout the product’s lifecycle. The challenges facing the future of mobility are too big for one business to solve alone. IRTS is not one business, it is a collaborative network for the future demands of the transportation market.


With a global footprint we provide support all over the world, with an international team that thinks and acts like owners. This means we always deliver, responsible and effective solutions to our customers, built through collaboration, research, development and expertise on a global scale. IRTS has a global presence with more than 100 sites and distributors worldwide.

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