An umbrella brand giving its customers the unique opportunity to obtain all they need from a single source, IRES has been created by four prestigious leading brands with great reputations. IRES harnesses and makes the most of the combined know-how of these brands: 

emco wheaton

Emco Wheaton combines expertise and knowledge, with an innovative attitude and unmatched skills, to produce world leading fluid transfer equipment. 

garo logo

Garo has been a manufacturer of liquid ring compressors since 1947. They are the heart of our custom-built gas compression systems for the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

nash logo

Nash is the inventor and market-leading manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum and compressors systems as well as dry vacuum systems that stand out through their high reliability and low total cost of ownership. 

ir logo

Engineering Project Solutions (EPS) has been supplying engineered compressed air nitrogen and oxygen generation packages globally for the last 60 years.

Our Mission 

Our strategic brands are synonymous with reliability. IRES’ mission is to design, develop, deliver and help manage complex projects with the most trustworthy engineering solutions allowing our customers to succeed. We are here to let our partners depend on us to solve all their project challenges. 

To achieve this, we work hard with all our brands to provide the right tailor-made solutions that will meet our customers’ unique flow requirements and offer them full support throughout their project’s lifecycle. 

You can trust us to always come up with an innovative, safe and high-quality product solution that will be the perfect fit for your industrial application. From product design, to production line, to project completion, we are here to make life better for our customers and ensure their complete peace of mind.