Unique Discharge Silencer Upgrade: Introducing the new DTV for CS1050 IC2 Solutions

GHH RAND® are pleased to present the NEW DTV Discharge Silencer. This technological advancement, scheduled for integration into sales orders of the CS1050 IC2 Solutions launching in April 2024, brings a host of advantages over its predecessor, the current NSG Silencer.

New Concept and Engineering Excellence:

The DTV utilizes a cutting-edge silencing technology, a first in the Road Transport Dry Bulk discharge industry. Designed by our Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions Centre of Engineering Excellence in Oberhausen, Germany, the DTV is the brainchild of engineers highly experienced in the Dry Bulk Discharge Equipment market.

Improved Sound Reduction:

The DTV sets a new standard in creating a quieter and more pleasant operational environment, eliminating annoying sound peaks providing a much more improved sound perception during discharge.

Reduced Pressure Loss and Enhanced Efficiency:

With its streamlined airflow, the DTV reduces pressure loss, enhancing overall compressor efficiency. This results in less power wasted through system inefficiency, translating to cost savings for your operation and improvement to our environment.

Weight Saving:

Weighing 6 kg less than the current NSG Silencer used in the CS1050 IC NEU solution, the DTV contributes to a lighter and more efficient discharge system.

Clean Air and Proven Concept:

Unlike lower-cost, silencers that can use infill, the DTV silencing concept, along with all GHH RAND® Discharge silencers, eliminate risk of product contamination through infill migration into discharge line. The air from the DTV is always clean without contamination. The DTV has undergone extensive field-testing and is proven to excel in the Road Transport Dry Bulk Discharge Market.

Structural Integrity and Universal Design:

Extensive structural analysis and static strength verification validate the DTV's design. Low deformation and low-stress levels are crucial for reliable operation in the challenging on/off-road conditions typical in the Dry Bulk Road Tanker Discharge market.

Legacy Upgrade Program:

Part of an ongoing radical program of equipment upgrades, the DTV Silencer is a testament to our commitment to delivering your wishes for product evolution and improvement.

Ease of Upgrade with Technical Bulletin TM-24-001:

To facilitate the upgrade process for existing CS1050 IC units in the field, a Technical Bulletin ref TM-24-001 has been created. This document explains the step-by-step process of upgrading from the current/old NSG design to the new and improved DTV.

GHH RAND® invites you to embrace the future of discharge silencing technology with the DTV, setting a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and innovation in the Road Transport Dry Bulk discharge sector.