Benefit from our expertise in managing even the most complex projects

At Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions, we have a team of highly experienced application engineering experts who use our highly-developed standard core products to create engineered-to-order solutions that meet the diverse requirements of our customers worldwide. 

Throughout the entirety of a project, from the design stage to commissioning, we are committed to working closely with our customers, gaining a clear understanding of their applications and processes to provide efficient, high-quality systems that enhance overall productivity. Thanks to this approach, we are able to deliver tailor made liquid and gas handling systems that offer superior efficiency, reliability and safety. Read on to discover how our team supports you across all stages of process


How we support you throughout your industrial project lifecycle:


  1. We provide estimates and suggest process reevaluations based on the concept and FEED study to help end-users and consultancy companies choose the appropriate technology.
  2. During the project definition phase with EPC or end customer, we support clients in comprehending and selecting the best solutions. Our team is not just a supplier, but also an integral part of your team.
  3. In the detailed engineering stage, our skilled engineers develop customized systems according to the project's specific requirements, resulting in a personalized product.
  4. We manage package manufacturing by selecting only the finest suppliers and conducting meticulous quality checks.
  5. Prior to dispatching our products, we perform all essential tests, which may include a comprehensive unit running test to demonstrate the compression package's full integrity.
  6. Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions Service & Support not only oversees the installation, commissioning, and start-up supervision of the system but also trains customers on how to operate the package.
  7. We value our customers even after the sale phase, and we always provide guarantees and warranties. Furthermore, Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions Service & Support is always available to assist you in safeguarding your investment by ensuring performance and dependability.