No matter if your shop is just getting started, or you are expanding, Ingersoll Rand has the right power for all your vehicle service projects.


We offer Single-stage and Two-stage reciprocating air compressors. Single-stage models compress air to a fall pressure in one stroke. They generally are used for pressures between 70 and 90 psi (max. pressure to 135 psi). Two-stage model compresses air to an immediate pressue in the first stage, removes heat compression through an intercooler, and compresses air to a final pressure in a second compression stage. Two-Stage compressors are more efficient and are generally used for pressures above 100 psi (max. pressure to 175 psi)


Are you looking for a compressor that helps you save space and money? You should think about investing in a Rotary Screw Compressor. These compressors can handle jobs that need a higher psi / bar level than what reciprocating/piston compressors can supply. Rotary Screw compressors range from 7 to 14 bar or 100 psi to 200 psi. Besides producing a higher psi / bar, we can also eliminate up to 80% of traditional installation cost of individual air treatment equipment. These compressors come equipped with a dryer, control panel, oil separator, dual filters (general purpose and high-efficiency), and condensate drain system.


Let's be serious, an autoshop isn't the cleanest place. There is constantly dust in the air and various oils being used. When your compressor is running, it is collecting the dust in the shop and pushing it through your compressed air system. A compressor with dust particles, oil and water droplets only make the compressor to work harder, raising your energy costs.

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Air Filtration: With our coalescing air filters and refrigerated dryers you will save energy and protect your compressors and tools from harmful contaminants by effectively removing solid particles, water, oil, and aerosols from compressed air.

Compressed Air Dryers: Did you know that over a summer month, you’ll have to remove at least 150 gallons of unwanted moisture in your air system due to high temperatures? Moisture wreaks havoc on your equipment, leading to unplanned downtime. Having dry air is especially important when it comes to painting vehicles. Having a refrigerated dryer installed to your system will clean up your lines and keep your operations running efficiently. A refrigerated dryer is the standard choice if you are looking for a low maintenance solution.

Compressed Air Delivery: Ensuring you have the right flow and pressure of air is critical to getting the job done right, whatever it is. Rely on delivery components from Ingersoll Rand such as the Pace Flow Controller and aluminum SimplAir Piping to for quality air management.

OEM Parts: When it comes to industrial manufacturing, original equipment manufacturer(OEM) parts are an operator’s best choice to maintain maximum reliability and performance. Non-standard parts can expose equipment to unnecessary wear and tear that can lead to downtime and higher operating costs. If you want to protect the investment of your equipment, make sure to invest in the quality parts to keep it running. Ingersoll Rand has a complete offering of maintenance and OEM-quality compressor parts, such as lubricants, maintenance kits, replacement parts, filtration & condensation management and the expertise to keep your shop running.