Case Study: Air Wire Rope Hoist


Customer Location: North America 


Scenario: The customers need was for a hot dip galvanizing application. They could not use a chain hoist, as the splatter on the chain would ruin the pocket sheaves.


Solution: Combination of multiple Winches and Hoists

Our technical team designed an air wire rope hoist and we were able to quickly provide the customer a solution for their factories. Since we developed this design, we have built 10 additional units for this customer.

  • Wire rope hoist, air-powered, 2 metric ton capacity. 5:1 design factor
  • 2-part line using 3/8 in EIPS, IWRC with 21ft of lift
  • Pendant handle with 23 ft. control drop
  • Automatic disc brake
  • 42 fpm lifting speed. 90 psig at 280 SCFM air supply required.
  • Motorized trolley with speed of 120 fpm 90 psig at 75 SCFM
  • Upper and lower limit switches
  • Meets applicable regulations including ASME B30.16 and ATEX 94/9/EC




Do you need a custom rope hoist for your galvanizing operations? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment for you today.