Case Study: Construction Barge


Customer Location: Monaco


Scenario: Our customers location on the shores of the Mediterranean resulted in the need for a winch that could endure this harsh environment. The intent of the barge was to aide during reconstruction work on the Monaco harbor. This unique barge was used as a supporting vessel for lifting underwater metal structures and cables.


Solution: Combination of multiple Winches and Hoists

This technical solution was provided by our distributor in France. The barge used in this project was fitted with the following winches and hoists to support the customers needs:

  • Air driven pulling winches – 2pcs. Model: PS2-1000R-L-E
  • Pneumatic hoist with our new motorized HU trolley – model LC2A030DIP3VU3M2A-E with a lifting capacity of 3T and a height of lift 3 meters



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