100T Hoisting System (4x25T) –The Netherlands

This 4 x 25T hydraulic system was designed and built under very demanding customer specifications. A key requirement from the customer was the possibility of controlling the hoist & trolleys with manual levers but also being able to manage the unit with a wireless remote control.

The customer required live reading & monitoring of weight in each one of the hoists. Ingersoll Rand engineers were able to accomplish this request with load pins at the hoist level which communicated live information to the remote control unit.

Another key requirement was the ability of running the hoists in different modes. One at a time, two at a time or four at a time. This was a accomplished by controlling the hydraulic valves with the signal coming from the remote control.

This system also has great spotting capabilities given the lifting speed is proportional to the control levers in the valves & wireless unit.

Do you need a remote controlled unit in a difficult environment? We have the capability of offering ATEX certified controls that will improve the safety of your operation with the ability to move around & improve your spotting capability.

Since 1924, we have been building durable & reliable hoists –  choose what is best for you. 


Standard Features

  • Integrated overload protection
  • Top and bottom limit switches
  • Clevis connections to BOP
  • All steel/cast iron construction
  • Design factor 5:1
  • Automatic fail safe disc brake - hoist and trolley
  • Pistons and Orbit type hydraulic motors - hoist and trolley
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Fully enclosed planetary gear box
  • Corrosion resistant load chain
  • Lifting lugs for easy installation
  • Trolley guide rollers
  • Galvanized chain container
  • Hydraulic powered
  • Wireless controls
  • Live weight reading


  • Radio remote control system (with load display) to operate 4x25T
  • Load measurement sensor on each hoist
  • Articulated trolley allowing side pulling operations up to 20°
  • Sandblasting and offshore paint, plus extra paint layer and painting log
  • Lloyds witness test and test report