Case Study: Rig Decommisioning,

A Different Approach


Customer Location: Southeast, Asia Shipyard


Scenario: Customer needed an alternative method to dismantle rigs. The customization needed:

  1. Ability to dismantle rigs from bottom to top as opposed to the traditional, yet expensive route of dismantling top to bottom. 
  2. A way to maneuver the leg section so it would be in position for a crane to lift it out of the water


Solution: 2 25T Subsea Hoists

  • Include waterproof design that protects all moving parts and bearings
  • Made extremely durable; including corrosion-resistant chain, housing and fully enclosed gear box
  • Used corrosion-resistant offshore paint, classified C5-M (very high corrosivity - marine) per ISO 12944



  • 30 meter operational depth
  • Operates in a vertical or horizontal position
  • Manifold includes overload protection and quick-down valves acting as limit switches
  • Accepts up to 50 bar (750 psi) pressure in return line and provides fluid hammer protection




Do you need customized subsea hoists to ensure your rigs are decomissioned easily, saving time and money? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment for you today.