Case Study: Industrial Lifting


Customer Location: North America


Scenario: The rental customer needed to raise prefabricated concrete walls for building warehouse facilities, allowing one winch to raise the top of the wall at a faster rate, while also controlling the movement of the lower portion of the wall. 


Solution: The Ingersoll Rand engineering team developed the concept of using a double-drum / waterfall configuration.

  • The two FA2.5A-24AK winches, mounted to a common base in a “waterfall” configuration (one unit behind, and raised higher, than the other) allowed the operator to control both winches from a single station.
  • Each winch can be operated independently or in tandem from a conveniently located control console.
  • The design includes a seating arrangement for the operator to operate both winches in the proper position and allowed for long hours of work behind the controls.
  • 5,000 lbs. capacity, 141 fpm (top layer) and a 25hp motor.
  • Seat included with system design factor: 5:1 (for lifting)
  • Customer requested special green paint


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